Oscar Sound Tech Lavaliere Microphone

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It’s rare when you find a good product at a reasonable price from a company that gives excellent customer service. You get all three with Oscar Sound Tech. Vance Willis bought one of these lavaliere microphones for his on camera webcasts. It’s connected to his wireless mic system.   The mic is omnidirectional, meaning that it theoretically picks up sound from all directions, including room echoes, but with a little practice, you can get a good sound with it. Almost all TV news rooms use lavaliere mics.   Whether to use a lavaliere mic is a question of aesthetics versus sound quality. Using my favorite comparison, a lavaliere mic is not a Heil PR40 in sound quality, but it is very useful when you want to go on camera and not have a gigantic mic, shock mount, and windscreen stuck in your face.   The mic is about $80 plus the appropriate connector, which is $15 and up. If you want to use the mic as an XLR mic, you will need to get the power adapter ($60). Contact http://oscarsoundtech.com for all the details. 
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